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Old Westbury Gardens 2018 promo

Old Westbury Gardens, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the former home of John S. Phipps, his wife, Margarita Grace Phipps and their four children. Completed in 1906 by the English designer, George A. Crawley, the magnificent Charles II-style mansion is nestled amid 200 acres of formal gardens, landscaped grounds, woodlands, ponds and lakes. Westbury House is furnished with fine English antiques and decorative arts from the more than fifty years of the family’s residence.

Drone Real Estate promo – Center Island New York

The Village of Centre Island is a village located within the town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, New York, United States. This village has had a number of notable residents including musician Billy Joel, Academy and Tony Award-winning lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and political commentator Sean Hannity. Academy Award-winning composer John Barry was a Centre Island resident until his death in 2011. Banker Arthur Goodhart Altschul Sr. was a Centre Island resident who owned the Southerly estate. Centre Island is located along Long Island’s North Shore in an area referred to as the Gold Coast.

Glen Head Country Club, Long Island New York – Aerial New York

Glen Head Country Club is regarded as one of the finest clubs on Long Island. It is situated on over 160 acres of land encompassing a 6,700 yard, par 71 Devereaux Emmet designed golf course.

Aerial New York Promo Video

We are very proud to present to you our latest promo for this our 2016 year. If you are looking for aGoPro video, please do not stay on our site. We Pride ourselves in quality and high-end videography and photography. Its has already been a successful year for us and we would like to share this with you. Enjoy aerial video from Citi Field, Oheka Castle, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York Institute of Technology, Prologis, Mountain Creek, Hunter Mountain, Crystal Springs Resort, Audi, Volkswagen, Red Bull BMX, Camp Taconic, Crestwood Day Camp, New York City Skyline, Galen Glen Winery, Broccos Outdoor Club, Mill Basin, Golf Courses, and the town of Jim Thorpe in PA.

Thank you for watching and please leave us a comment.

Camelback Mountain Promo Video

The premiere winter ski & snowboard destination in the Poconos. Visitors to the #1 ski resort in Pennsylvania can complement a thrilling day on the slopes with a stay at the all new Camelback Lodge that features the year-round, 84 degree, Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark. Turn that one day ski-trip into a weekend-long vacation getaway packed with outdoor and indoor thrills and excitement.

Camelback Mountain 360 degree VR Aerial Video

Watch Camelback Mountain skiing in 360 degree Virtual Reality from the Air.

Prologis Warehouse Promo Video – Pea Pod

Prologis is the global leader in industrial logistics real estate across the Americas, Europe and Asia. They create value by developing and managing a world-class portfolio of high-quality logistics and distribution facilities, serving customers and investors as an integral part of the global supply chain.

Waterfest 2014 – Largest VW and Audi Car show in America

Waterfest is the largest VW/Audi Car Show and Motorsport event in North America, and the second largest of its kind in the world. Waterfest, now in its 20th year is a two-day event held at the world-class Raceway Park facility in Englishtown, New Jersey.

Mountain Creek Ski Resort Promo Video

Mountain Creek is a ski resort in Vernon Township, in Sussex County, New Jersey, United States, Mountain Creek offers a skiable area of 167 acres (68 ha) on four mountain peaks, night skiing, snowboarding, and snowmaking activities. Besides skiing and snowboarding, the resort offers a snow tubing park, zip-lines, and an alpine coaster. The resort is also home to a seasonal water park that operates from May to September.

Mountain Creek was owned and operated by Intrawest Resorts Holdings, Inc. until May 2010 when it was sold to neighboring Crystal Springs Resort complex adjacent to its ski slopes. Originally built as slopeside overnight ski accommodations, but now primarily year round.

Mountain Creek BMX Bike Park Drone Aerial Mix BMX 2014 Aerial New York

The terrain at Mountain Creek Bike Park is some of the best you’ll find on the East Coast. All with a full 1,040 feet of vertical serviced by a high speed open air gondola. Our trails encompass rocky and rugged technical trails, rolling flow zones and more than 60 jumps and features.

These are just a few of the reasons that Mountain Creek Bike Park is consistently rated among the best Bike Parks in the country.

Aerial New York Promo

Aerial New York in Review!

Featuring: New York City, Citi Field, Hunter Mountain, Mountain Creek, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Galen Glen Winery, Schmitts Farm, Oheka Castle, Car Commercial, Broccos Club, Golf Course New Jersey, Crystal Springs Resort, Mill Basin Real Estate, Crestwood Day Camp, and Jim Thorpe PA.

Aerial New York Promo Video 2

Aerial New York in Review!

Featuring: Prologis, Mountain Creek BMX Bike Park, Camp Taconic, Spring Lake Day Camp, Ritz Carlton Residency, Real Estate, NYIT, De Serversky Mansion, Pea Pod.

Bracco Outdoor Club – Drone Promo

Club on the Nautical mile, New York.

Galen Glen Winery, PA

Trips to Germany and wine from Hawaii via Galen’s best friend collided to inspire Galen and Sarah to leave corporate jobs and acquire the Troxell family double century farm. Galen brought with him years of experience as a mechanical engineer combined with a natural ability to grow things from his youth. Sarah worked as a chemist, packaging liquid drugs, and transitioned to a new product, wine.

Hunter Mountain Promo

Hunter Mountain is a ski resort located about three hours north west of New York City in Hunter, New York. It features a 1,600-foot (488 m) vertical drop. From its inception in the late 1950s, the management of Hunter Mountain has employed extensive snowmaking facilities. Hunter was the first ski destination in the state of New York to install snow-making, the first in the world with top-to-bottom snow-making, and the first in the world to have 100-percent snow-making coverage of the mountain.

Schmitt’s Farm – Long Island Pumpkin Farm

Albert H. Schmitt Family Farms on Bagatelle has been a family farm for many decades. The current business is a compilation of Albie and Dottie Schmitt. They have been married over 50 years and farming together ever since. They each from long lines of farmers – the Schmitt’s have been farming here since 1853. Dottie Schmitt’s, maiden name – Harbes, family has been farming on Long Island for more than a century.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Promo

From renewable energy to cybersecurity, from biotechnology to materials science, from big data to nanotechnology, the world needs problem solvers — exactly the kind of talent Rensselaer produces — to address the urgent issues of today and the emerging issues of tomorrow.

Crestwood Day Camp

Crestwood was founded in 1956 by Norman Schnittman, a New York City school teacher who had a vision to create a summer camp for children on Long Island. For nearly 50 years, Norman and his crazy hats were the spirit that drove Crestwood. After spending many summers at Crestwood in various positions, Norman’s son, Bruce Schnittman, became the Owner/Director in the 1970’s through 2011, turning Crestwood into the children’s paradise that you see today.


Here are just a few of the clients we have done work for

  • Crystal Springs
  • Hunter Mountain
  • Crestwood
  • Citifield
  • Mountain Creek
  • Prologis
  • Rensselaer
  • Good Morning America
  • Schmitts
  • Galen Glen

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At Aerial New York, we provide drone photography and videography services. Aerial New York is the first company to have drone technology on Long Island and the third in the state of New York! We pride ourselves on having top of the line equipment and affordable rates for our drone filming services. We also have a production team to make sure that your end product is high-quality.

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We at Aerial New York are heavily invested in the most advanced technology in drone flying equipment, video stabilization and video quality. We stride to deliver the best output for our clients and we achieve this by using the most advanced drone and video equipment on the market today.


Flying a drone and clicking record accounts for a small percent of what we do. We have a team of professionals with top of the line equipment, but rely on our creativity to deliver breathtaking results.

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Almost all of our clients end up being repeat customers because of the professional user experience we deliver. We promise professional work with an A+ customer experience.

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We stand out from our competitors and offer our clients a unique original experience. We work one on one with each client to accommodate our clients location and to showcase the best of what each client has to offer.

Our Services

We offer services in Aerial Video and Photography, 360 Degree Video, HD, 4K and 5K Video and Photography. We do video production with various footage,

still images and music. From recording to production we got you covered. So you can showcase your property to potential clients  knowing that you

will be showing the best of what you have to offer. From Construction, to Golf Courses, Weddings, Stadiums, Wineries and more. Aerial New York

Photography and Video will make you stand out.

College Promos

An Aerial overview of your campus and surrounding landscapes is a captivating way to present your institution to prospective students and their families. We have the ability to make a video of students, faculty and campus structures, and we can showcase them from every angle. Aerial views for promotional purposes is our specialty.

Vacation Promotional Videos

We design beautiful responsive websites and iOS apps focusing on design, content and a great user experience. Aerial shots of vacationers enjoying what your resort, hotel, and location have to offer is a great way to attract visitors to your venue or location. We have the unique ability to show your guests enjoying their vacations from the ground floor and up! Read more about vacation promotional drone video.

Aerial Video and Photo Inspection Services

With our aerial drone technology and technical capabilities, we offer many aspects of video and photo inspection services with applications in agriculture, construction, UAV, energy infrastructure (power lines, gas pipes) and transportation infrastructure (railway lines, roads and bridges).  As well, we offer historical monument inspection. Utilize technology to get the inspection done right.

Outdoor Sporting Events

How better to promote your outdoor sporting event in a stadium or open field than with aerial video and photography? We have what it takes to get great action shots, from ground level to high above, to convey the excitement and fun that can be had at your outdoor sporting event.

Historic Location Maintenance

With aerial video and photography, we can inspect and record the condition of historic houses, estates, and structures. We can view all structures from all elevations and angles to better see what may need repair, replacement, or restoration.

Country Clubs

Want to display the unique play on your country club’s golf course? Nothing conveys the beauty and design of your golf course, country club, and other offered amenities like aerial video and photography. We can shoot your members enjoying all your club has to offer whether it be golf, tennis, pool, fine dining and catering services, clubhouse services and all that comes with being an esteemed member of your club–inside and out.

Ski Resorts

What better way to entice visitors to hit the slopes and stay at your ski resort than a birds eye view of your ski lifts and trails? Action shots of skiers and snowboarders will certainly draw the crowds. We can get stunning vistas of the mountains, ski lodges, surrounding areas including ski-condos and town homes. Local attractions near your ski resort can also be included in the presentation. Read more about ski resort drone video.

Real Estate Video and Photography

It’s one thing to see homes, buildings and commercial properties for sale in pictures. It’s quite another to view them from above, in front, behind, zooming in and zooming out–even moving from the outside to indoors. Our capabilities provide a fresh, new way to present your inventory to the public and give you the advantage over competition.

Movie Production

Do you need an aerial chase scene for your movie? A shot following a motorcycle roaring down the highway? Any action segments involving aerial angles and motion whether fast or slow, close up or far away, from above or shot in parallel views, we can produce it for you. Any scene that you require aerial views or following people, vehicles, or anything–even animals–in motion and from all levels of view, we can produce it for you.

Fire and Police Department Training Videos

Our aerial video and photography can transform your training video into an engaging training tool with interesting new views of firefighting, law enforcement techniques and procedures utilizing “real life” outdoor scenes shot from various heights and angles. We also can do straight video shoots indoors as well.


Aerial drones allow us to get very close to a tall structure for inspection purposes. We can zoom in and out, without risk to the structure itself. There are numerous aerial video and photography applications in the construction field. Drones can go places people can’t to get the shots you need to show new construction progress.

Environmental Monitoring

Aerial video and photography offers all kinds of environmental applications in recording and monitoring the health and condition of commercial and residential real estate, agriculture, marine and ocean, and wildlife preservation. Follow up to environmental remediation is also an important aspect of our services. Read more about environmental monitoring with drone video.


With the revolution of the world wide web according to Google people are 40% more likely to visit a place that they have already looked at the physical location online. Showing off

property online in the best quality, overhead views and uploaded online is what we do. Let us showcase your property today

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Which Drone Suits Your Level of Expertise?

At Aerial New York we are passionate about drones and all things about this technology. We also believe that people should be educated on types of drones and their capabilities before jumping right into it. Whether you are getting your first drone, just want to learn more about drones, or you are looking to create […]

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Trying to find a fun, new, and innovative way to showcase your events? These days, you have the option of drone captured photography and videography! Drones offer the capabilities to get you stunning shots of your event that you can use for promoting your events. By using drones you can showcase your event from unique […]

The Evolution of Drones

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4 Great Ways to use Drones for Golf Courses

Did you know drone photography and videography can show you a golf course layout before visiting the course? With advancements in drone technology, we are seeing drones being used in a lot of new places. One example of this is drones being used for golf courses. You may be wondering, what use do drones have […]

5K Resolution for Drone Technology!

As technology gets better and better, multimedia devices are getting smaller and deliver better quality. High definition (or HD) is evolving and the quality at which we view videos is getting much clearer. So clear, that drones are now able to record 5K resolution videos from the sky of small imperfections on a golf course […]

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