4 Great Ways to use Drones for Golf Courses

4 Great Ways to use Drones for Golf Courses

4 Great Ways to use Drones for Golf Courses

Did you know drone photography and videography can show you a golf course layout before visiting the course?

With advancements in drone technology, we are seeing drones being used in a lot of new places. One example of this is drones being used for golf courses. You may be wondering, what use do drones have on golf courses? Surprisingly drones have a lot of uses on a golf course. Here are our top 3 ways drones can be useful at a golf course.

A Creative Way to Market Your Course:
Looking for a new way to market your golf course? Drone photography and videography may be the answer! By capturing sweeping shots of your course, you will be able to show off all its unique features. Flyover views of your golf course may help to drive a larger audience to your course. Drones are a great way to conduct pre-visit marketing. Using stunning drone captured images and photos may also provide some familiarity of the course, making first-time visitors more comfortable with attending your golf course. From beginner to advanced courses.

Fast & Accurate Mapping:
Drones can also be used as a way of mapping out your course. In fact, drones are able to provide next-level game planning. By using aerial views of the course, players can easily plan ahead and approach each hole differently from if they do not have this technology. Planning your approach has never been easier thanks to drones. A clear mapped course from using drones can help attract more people to come play. People will be more confident to play a course when they are more familiar with it.

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
Ipsos study

Making Maintenance Easier:
Not only can you map and market your golf course, but drones can be used for maintenance as well! Drone mapping clearly indicates which parts of your course need to be worked on and maintained. Drone video gives golf course owners more control over every feature of their course.

Showcase Your Courses in Your Facility:
Drones can help create an aerial overview video that you can play on a loop inside your facility. These videos can help golfers choose the course they wish to play while encouraging them to play a different course on another day.

As you can see, drones are proving to be quite useful for golf courses. Wondering how to get drones on your golf course? At Aerial New York, we provide golf course drone services. Our drones are capable of providing you high definition photos and videos that you can use for the marketing, mapping, or maintenance of your golf course.

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