5K Resolution for Drone Technology!

5K Resolution for Drone Technology!

5K Resolution for Drone Technology!

As technology gets better and better, multimedia devices are getting smaller and deliver better quality. High definition (or HD) is evolving and the quality at which we view videos is getting much clearer. So clear, that drones are now able to record 5K resolution videos from the sky of small imperfections on a golf course or ski trail.


There is 1080p, 4K, and even 5K video, but what do these terms actually mean? Let us explain! Aerial New York is here to explain the differences in video resolution.


Let’s start with 1080p. The “p” stands for pixel rows. In other words, there are 1,080 rows of pixels running from top to bottom that make up the screen. Each row is made up of 1,920 pixels going from left to right. This equals 2,073,600 individual pixels being displayed on the screen at one time and gives the image a very clear resolution. Now you might think that that’s a lot of pixels and the image already looks pretty good. However, it can get better.


4K refers to 4,000 pixels displayed on the screen horizontally. There are also 2,000 pixels displayed vertically. This resolution displays much more pixels in order to give an even clearer image. Because of the large amount of pixels being displayed, the image is at a higher resolution and gives a much clearer image than 1080p. It is sometimes known as “Ultra High Definition.”


Much like 4K, the term 5K refers to the amount of pixels being displayed. In this case, there are 5,000 pixels being displayed horizontally. A typical 5K display ratio is 5,120 pixels horizontally, and 2,880 pixels vertically. Compared to 4K, 5K offers about 33.33% more pixels to display. This makes an extremely clear resolution and offers you a sharp, crystal clear image that can be stunning and very pleasant to view.


At Aerial New York , we have 5K capable cameras. We implemented this technology to our drones in order to give you the best image for all your photography and videography needs. By combining 5K cameras with the limitless shots that our drones can capture, you will have stunning videos that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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