Aerial New York Provides Real Estate Drone Video

Drone technology is becoming a prominent tool in real estate marketing. Having high-quality real estate drone video and photography of your property can be beneficial for displaying the interior and exterior of houses and commercial spaces. Drone video offers a unique approach to real estate marketing. They can capture stunning, sweeping shots, giving a full look of the property from hundreds of feet above or provide up close shots from inside.

Before drone technology, real estate agencies had to walk through the property with cameras and use satellite images as well as helicopters and planes to get aerial views of properties, which could be very expensive and not as effective. With drones, getting these images has never been easier. Not only does using a drone make the process of getting the images easier, but it also cuts on the cost!

real estate drone videoUsing drones can provide a significant increase in the quality of the images and video footage as a real estate agent. High quality, drone captured photos and videos can give you the edge needed to make a sale. In the modern age, people are viewing buildings online before actually going to them. Google shows that after viewing high-quality photos and videos,  40% of people are more likely to visit the property. Real estate drone video and photography offers a different way of displaying the property and might make it more attractive to a potential buyer. Good images online can give the push needed for people to come and look at the property. By utilizing high quality, unique images and video footage in real estate marketing, you can attract a larger audience to come visit the property and in return, increase the likelihood of closing the sale. This way, the potential buyer has better knowledge of the property before visiting.

Aerial New York provides you with the images and videos needed for selling the property. Our drones are equipped with cameras capable of 5K photography and videography. This will showcase the property amongst the best viewing capabilities possible. At Aerial New York we offer a fresh way to present the property, giving you an advantage over the competition. Contact Aerial New York today to find out how you can get breathtaking shots of the properties you are selling.