The FAA and Drone Airspace Regulations

As drone capabilities keep improving, more and more people want to use them. However, without proper certifications, you may not be able to use drones in certain airspaces. These rules and regulations fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA. But what is the FAA? What are these rules and how can you get video and […]

Which Drone Suits Your Level of Expertise?

At Aerial New York we are passionate about drones and all things about this technology. We also believe that people should be educated on types of drones and their capabilities before jumping right into it. Whether you are getting your first drone, just want to learn more about drones, or you are looking to create […]

Bring Your Events to New Heights with Drones!

Trying to find a fun, new, and innovative way to showcase your events? These days, you have the option of drone captured photography and videography! Drones offer the capabilities to get you stunning shots of your event that you can use for promoting your events. By using drones you can showcase your event from unique […]

The Evolution of Drones

We all know what modern drones look like and what they do. But, where did drones come from? Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) otherwise known as drones have been around for nearly a century. Let’s take a look back and see how drone technology has evolved. The first instance of drone technology was in 1849. These […]

4 Great Ways to use Drones for Golf Courses

Did you know drone photography and videography can show you a golf course layout before visiting the course? With advancements in drone technology, we are seeing drones being used in a lot of new places. One example of this is drones being used for golf courses. You may be wondering, what use do drones have […]

5K Resolution for Drone Technology!

As technology gets better and better, multimedia devices are getting smaller and deliver better quality. High definition (or HD) is evolving and the quality at which we view videos is getting much clearer. So clear, that drones are now able to record 5K resolution videos from the sky of small imperfections on a golf course […]