Bring Your Resort To Life With A Vacation Promotional Drone Video!

During the summer season, vacationers are looking for a new resort to enjoy their vacation. Many considerations that vacationers have when booking their trip include the location, value, amenities and activities provided by the resort/hotel. From activities such as scuba diving to nightly entertainment, As a resort owner, how can you showcase all the features your resort has to offer to attract patrons to stay at your resort? Aerial New York can help you showcase the ultimate vacation promotional drone video that will draw in new clients to stay at during their vacation time.

By using drone videography and photography to film your vacation promotional drone video, you will be able to capture your resort at extreme angles that would not be possible with any ordinary camera equipment. Our drones use 360° videos with 5K resolution capabilities to provide you with high-quality material you can use for promotions. Our drones can capture unique angles showcasing all that your resort has to offer from hundreds of feet in the air in places that a photographer can not normally get to.


Before choosing a place to stay, people typically want to view the resort. On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.

Ipsos study

This is where aerial photography and videography come in. Having a vacation promotional drone video is a great option to accurately display your resort to potential customers. Not only do our drones help you cover specific amenities offered at your resort, but our drone video can also help present interested clients with full, breathtaking views of your resort that they will pleasure experiencing.

Many vacation resorts have been taking advantage of the advanced technological services that drones provide, so what are you waiting for? Let Aerial New York do the pleasure of creating the perfect vacation promotional drone video for your resort. We will provide you with high-quality aerial videos and photos. We also have video production capabilities to make high-quality promotional videos showcasing the best of your resort!  With our services, you will have the ability to really show your vacationers the exciting and pleasurable experience they will have when they visit your resort!