Bring Your Events to New Heights with Drones!

Bring Your Events to New Heights with Drones!

Bring Your Events to New Heights with Drones!

Trying to find a fun, new, and innovative way to showcase your events? These days, you have the option of drone captured photography and videography! Drones offer the capabilities to get you stunning shots of your event that you can use for promoting your events. By using drones you can showcase your event from unique and cool angles. A great drone captured photo or video showcasing your event will attract more people.

Event marketing has never been easier thanks to drone technology!

By using drones to promote your event, you will have amazing aerial views of the event that would be almost impossible to get without this aerial drone technology. You can have images of an overhead view for your event and a video of an exciting moment of your event from multiple angles that no other device can capture. These unique angles may catch a person’s eye and can even give them the push needed to attend the event next time. Below are some examples of the amazing professionally edited videos showing the angles we can provide at your event.

Another way drones can attract more people to your event is that they can be used to create unique content showcasing your event. Drones can be used to easily create virtual tours. A full 360° video tour will provide a visitor with an overview of your event. According to Google, “…360 video has the potential to drive engagement in promising new ways.” ( This engagement means more people are interested in your events and may be more inclined to attend the next one.

Take content capturing to the next level with drone photography and videography from Aerial New York! Aerial New York also offers video creation capabilities. We help you easily create videos or 360° tours of your event. By using the drone captured videos and the video editing services, you can obtain high-quality videos to use for showcasing your event! Here are some examples of the production services for events from Aerial New York:


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