Which Drone Suits Your Level of Expertise?

Which Drone Suits Your Level of Expertise?

Which Drone Suits Your Level of Expertise?

At Aerial New York we are passionate about drones and all things about this technology. We also believe that people should be educated on types of drones and their capabilities before jumping right into it. Whether you are getting your first drone, just want to learn more about drones, or you are looking to create professional drone-captured videos, here are 5 examples of drones ranked at various user experience levels. You can purchase a drone online that is a good match to your experience level from Target.com or other ecommerce sites using coupons from Raise.


  • Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter- For entry level drone enthusiasts, the Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter is a great drone to learn the basics on how to operate a drone and it even comes with SAFE technology. SAFE includes assisted takeoff, and crash prevention technology making this drone a great way for newcomers to learn the skill of how to operate a drone. Once you feel confident and gain more experience, you can even set it to agility mode. This mode allows the drone to hit top speeds and you can pull off some great maneuvers. The drone comes with a 10-minute battery life and 720p HD camera, it is a barebones drone that, at the end of the day, will not give you professional high-quality images and videos.
  • U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Drone- The U45 Blue Jay drone is as basic as beginner drones get. With an 8-minute battery life, and 12 MP 720p camera it is a great drone for hobbyists. It also includes one-touch takeoff and landing. If you want professional drone captured images and videos, this drone is not recommended.


  • DJI spark- Starting at $499, the DJI spark is a great beginner drone. The DJI spark comes with a controller but it was also built to be controlled with a smartphone app. Controlling the drone with your smartphone works for up to 100 meters. It also comes with palm control. This means that you are able to control the drone with simple hand movements. However, the battery life of this drone is only 16 minutes. The camera that is integrated into this drone is capable of full HD video at 30p. This is not ideal for when you want to have professional drone captured videos. For intermediate drone enthusiasts, this makes for a great first drone. However, because of the limitations, we recommend this drone only for intermediate drone users and not for professional use.
  • parrot bebop 2 drone- With 18-20 minutes of flight time, and a 14-megapixels camera that provides 1080p video, the parrot bebop 2 drone is priced around $550. It comes with an 8GB internal memory that can not be replaced. Also, the camera does not offer clear, crisp images. The range of the drone is also not consistent. It claims that its max range is 300 meters, but it seems to really max out at 150 meters before disconnecting.


Our Drone

  • Inspire 2- Offering full 360┬░ camera rotation, 18-20 minute battery life, 12mp camera, 4k at 30fps video capabilities, the DJI Inspire 1 V2 is one of the best drones on the market! With its retractable landing gear, obstacle avoidance system, FPV Camera, and a top speed of 58 ┬ámiles, this drone provides excellent performance for professional drone users. If you want to produce high quality, professional videos to use, then this is the drone for you. This drone is priced at around $3,000.

With such an expensive drone, how can you get your hands on the quality images and videos it provides? At Aerial New York, we have the DJI Inspire 2 drone. Not only do we have the Inspire 2, but we also attached a Zenmuse X5S camera to it. This camera allows us to provide 5k videos! 5k capturing capabilities allows you to provide a much clearer and sharper image even when compared to 4k. We also have filming and video production services and can provide you with high quality, drone videos. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars for a drone that you need to learn how to operate, let Aerial New York help you in your drone video production. Our drone specialists can get you the best images no matter what and we even do video production for the drone captured images and videos.

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