Easily Conduct Historic Location Maintenance with Drones

Are you the owner and/or operator of a historic location? Do you find it difficult to know how well maintained the location is? Well, now historic location maintenance is much easier with drone technology! The drones from Aerial New York can help you efficiently and effectively conduct maintenance inspection on your historic location.

Drone video for historic location maintenance can be very useful to help give an overall analysis of the shape and condition of your location. This way you can assess if there’s work needed to be done. Drone technology can be used to inspect the roof, windows, metalwork, masonry, and many other exterior¬†features.


By using drones for historic location maintenance, you can take preventative measures. We send the drone hundreds of feet in the air, covering every inch of the exterior of the location. Our drones can scan over roofs and see if there are any parts that may need to be patched up. Drones can also be used to make sure that all parts of the location are up to standards. Now you can inspect your historic location and make all the fixes needed prior to inspection date. Drones have the capability of covering areas that people can not easily get to. Prior to drones, people would have to go up in helicopters and airplanes to get the photos and videos needed for inspections.We can get images of your location from all types of angles. Thereby providing you with a full and thorough analysis of your historic location.

Drones are proving to be an indispensable tool in historic location maintenance. At Aerial New York, we have drones capable of getting you the shots needed to perform proper inspections and maintenance. Our Inspire 2 drone is equipped with a Zenmuse X5S camera. This means that we can capture images that are extremely clear. With such high-quality images, Aerial New York is the place to provide you with historic location maintenance.