Environmental Monitoring with Drone Video from Aerial New York

environmental_monitoring_with_drone_videoNow you can conduct environmental monitoring with drone video! Drone video offers all kinds of applications for environmental monitoring. Whether it’s for commercial or residential real estate, agriculture, marine and ocean, or wildlife preservation, drones are proving to be a useful tool in environmental monitoring.

By getting clear, high-quality video of your location, you can examine and determine environmental impacts. The clearer the image, the easier it will be to perform your assessment. Drones provide the ability to reach areas hundreds of feet in the air. Prior to drone technology, environmental monitoring from an aerial view had to be conducted with the use of planes and helicopters. This can be timely and cost a lot of money. Environmental monitoring with drone video from Aerial New York is a cost-effective alternative.

One big use of environmental monitoring with drone video is that you can monitor a small area but at very high detail. With drone video, you can capture just about anything you need to monitor. From conservations and farm lands to industrial sites and pipelines, environmental monitoring has never been easier thanks to drone technology.

Drone technology can be used in a multitude of environmental monitoring processes.

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Wildlife Species Population Surveys
  • Forest Fire Detection
  • Water Stress

These are just a few examples of what drone powered environmental monitoring can do for you.

The surveillance capabilities of drones are advancing at a fast pace. Now you can collect high-resolution data to make your environmental monitoring easier and more efficient.

Aerial New York is FAA certified. This means that we are able to get you the angles you require for monitoring. Our Inspire 2 drone attached with the Zenmuse X5S camera can provide some of the clearest images for environmental monitoring. It is also important to check the progress of the environment you are monitoring. Therefore, it would be best to use drone video for environmental remediation. Our Drones are capable of getting the best shots for you over and over at the same angles. By getting the same angles, your research is much more efficient.