Golf Course Drone Video from Aerial New York

Golf Course Drone Video

Drone technology is proving useful in places you would never expect. Nowadays drones are being used to showcase thousands of aerial footage for places like golf courses! Getting your own golf course drone video and photos can be used in multiple ways and can provide potential golfers with a stunning overview of your golf course.

Using drones can be beneficial when you want to promote and market your golf course! Draw new golfers to play your course.

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Drone captured footage of your golf course provides flyover views that you can use for pre-visit marketing. An aerial video of your golf course allows you to advertise your course to first time players before they come in. Giving someone a clear crisp aerial image of your golf course can help bring new potential golfers to play at your golf course. Get beautiful shots of your course to display to potential clients. Providing unique aerial views of your course can give you the edge over your competition and lead to more people to play at your golf course.

Some golfers prefer more sophisticated courses, while others prefer simpler courses. But most golf courses have both. By having aerial footage, you can show more advanced golfers the more sophisticated courses while showing less advanced golfers simpler courses.

Drone photography and videography can also be used to help map out guides for your course. It is a great way to provide a new form of displaying the course for your regular players, giving them different ideas on how to approach each hole. Thus giving players a more accurate representation of your golf course. If a player is having trouble on a particular hole, an aerial view can help them refine the way they approach the hole.

You may even find that by providing high definition overview of your golf course, more people will want to play the course because they feel more familiar with it.

Drones can help create an aerial overview video that you can play on loop inside your facility. These videos can help golfers choose the course they wish to play while encouraging them to play a different course on another day.

At Aerial New York, we provide high-quality golf course drone video and photography. Whether you need a new marketing campaign, want to provide an innovative way to display your course, or want to provide an overhead visual of all your courses, the high-resolution drones from Aerial New York will help your help golf course succeed.