Personalize Your Videos with Drone Video Footage from Aerial New York

Whether you are displaying a piece of real estate property, filming college campuses, ski resorts, vacation resorts and hotels, weddings, golf courses, aerial video & photo inspections, outdoor sporting events, fire and police training videos, historic location maintenance, construction, country clubs, movie production, or environmental monitoring, drone video technology offers a unique way to capture overhead aerial videos that were previously far too costly and lacked the quality that modern cameras with advanced stabilized capabilities. At Aerial New York, we provide various footage capabilities that can create stunning views you can use to get new clients.

Before drone technology, you would have to go up in helicopters or planes in order to get video from an aerial view. This was timely and expensive. Let Aerial New York save you time and money by creating high-quality cost-effective drone videos just for you to better showcase your property and get more customers.

Our drones are equipped with 360°, HD, 4k, and even 5k video capabilities. This provides some of the best video quality on the market! Drone videos from Aerial New York are all professionally done and look incredible. Having clear, crisp, stabilized videos from high up in the air is a unique touch and can give your video an edge. Drone video can also provide new angles that you wouldn’t be able to get using normal cameras and rigs. At Aerial New York we are professionally trained to get you the high sweeping shots needed to make your video really stand out. We are FAA liscensed so we can use our drones in professional locations.

In addition to filming, we also customize and create professional videos out of the drone captured films! Our videos are top quality and can not be matched! Take a look at how you can use drone video to market your events! 

A 360° drone video is a great tactic to use when displaying things like real estate property, your golf course, or winery. In fact, using a 360° drone video can increase the overall involvement of a viewer and can even motivate them to continue their search within your company. According to a study conducted by Google, “…360 video has the potential to drive engagement.” (source)

If you want a fun and interactive way to potentially get more clients or you just want a one-of-a-kind video to show friends and family, drone videos from Aerial New York are a great way to get the shots you want. Our drone specialists are able to shoot your video any way you want. 

From drone captured video, to producing the final video we will help you every step of the way by marketing your properties in new and innovative ways.