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We offer services in Aerial Video and Photography, 360 Degree Video, HD, 4K and 5K Video and Photography. We do video production with various footage,

still images and music. From recording to production we got you covered. So you can showcase your property to potential clients  knowing that you

will be showing the best of what you have to offer. From Construction, to Golf Courses, Weddings, Stadiums, Wineries and more. Aerial New York

Photography and Video will make you stand out.

College Promos

An Aerial overview of your campus and surrounding landscapes is a captivating way to present your institution to prospective students and their families. We have the ability to make a video of students, faculty and campus structures, and we can showcase them from every angle. Aerial views for promotional purposes is our specialty.

Vacation Promotional Videos

We design beautiful responsive websites and iOS apps focusing on design, content and a great user experience. Aerial shots of vacationers enjoying what your resort, hotel, and location have to offer is a great way to attract visitors to your venue or location. We have the unique ability to show your guests enjoying their vacations from the ground floor and up! Read more about vacation promotional drone video.

Aerial Video and Photo Inspection Services

With our aerial drone technology and technical capabilities, we offer many aspects of video and photo inspection services with applications in agriculture, construction, UAV, energy infrastructure (power lines, gas pipes) and transportation infrastructure (railway lines, roads and bridges).  As well, we offer historical monument inspection. Utilize technology to get the inspection done right.

Outdoor Sporting Events

How better to promote your outdoor sporting event in a stadium or open field than with aerial video and photography? We have what it takes to get great action shots, from ground level to high above, to convey the excitement and fun that can be had at your outdoor sporting event.

Historic Location Maintenance

With aerial video and photography, we can inspect and record the condition of historic houses, estates, and structures. We can view all structures from all elevations and angles to better see what may need repair, replacement, or restoration.

Country Clubs

Want to display the unique play on your country club’s golf course? Nothing conveys the beauty and design of your golf course, country club, and other offered amenities like aerial video and photography. We can shoot your members enjoying all your club has to offer whether it be golf, tennis, pool, fine dining and catering services, clubhouse services and all that comes with being an esteemed member of your club–inside and out.

Ski Resorts

What better way to entice visitors to hit the slopes and stay at your ski resort than a birds eye view of your ski lifts and trails? Action shots of skiers and snowboarders will certainly draw the crowds. We can get stunning vistas of the mountains, ski lodges, surrounding areas including ski-condos and town homes. Local attractions near your ski resort can also be included in the presentation. Read more about ski resort drone video.

Real Estate Video and Photography

It’s one thing to see homes, buildings and commercial properties for sale in pictures. It’s quite another to view them from above, in front, behind, zooming in and zooming out–even moving from the outside to indoors. Our capabilities provide a fresh, new way to present your inventory to the public and give you the advantage over competition.

Movie Production

Do you need an aerial chase scene for your movie? A shot following a motorcycle roaring down the highway? Any action segments involving aerial angles and motion whether fast or slow, close up or far away, from above or shot in parallel views, we can produce it for you. Any scene that you require aerial views or following people, vehicles, or anything–even animals–in motion and from all levels of view, we can produce it for you.

Fire and Police Department Training Videos

Our aerial video and photography can transform your training video into an engaging training tool with interesting new views of firefighting, law enforcement techniques and procedures utilizing “real life” outdoor scenes shot from various heights and angles. We also can do straight video shoots indoors as well.


Aerial drones allow us to get very close to a tall structure for inspection purposes. We can zoom in and out, without risk to the structure itself. There are numerous aerial video and photography applications in the construction field. Drones can go places people can’t to get the shots you need to show new construction progress.

Environmental Monitoring

Aerial video and photography offers all kinds of environmental applications in recording and monitoring the health and condition of commercial and residential real estate, agriculture, marine and ocean, and wildlife preservation. Follow up to environmental remediation is also an important aspect of our services. Read more about environmental monitoring with drone video.


With the revolution of the world wide web according to Google people are 40% more likely to visit a place that they have already looked at the physical location online. Showing off

property online in the best quality, overhead views and uploaded online is what we do. Let us showcase your property today

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