The Evolution of Drones

The Evolution of Drones

The Evolution of Drones

We all know what modern drones look like and what they do. But, where did drones come from? Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) otherwise known as drones have been around for nearly a century. Let’s take a look back and see how drone technology has evolved.

The first instance of drone technology was in 1849. These drones were designed by Austria and were used to attack Venice, Italy. They were unmanned balloons filled with explosives. The balloons couldn’t be controlled well, but with a favorable wind, they were to drift over the city. Once in position, they would drop the explosives through the use of electromagnetism. Although nowadays balloons are not counted as UAVs, these balloons showed promise for the future development of drones.

Once planes were created in 1903, it was only a matter of time before they became automated. In 1934, Reginald Denny created a 9-foot remote controlled model of a plane-shaped drone. Over the next few years, remote controlled drones were used for aircraft battle practice.

Between 1934 and the early 2000s, drone plane technology advanced more within the military. Then, in October of 2001, the first Predator drone was launched. This drone showed how powerful UAVs could be and changed the way warfare commenced forever.

Within the last few years, quadcopter drones have risen to popularity. However, these drones are not used for military purposes. Rather they are used for photography and videography purposes and are available to consumers. There are also some companies that are testing drones for other uses such as delivery services.

Although purchasing drones has become easier, getting a drone that can perform well and has a high-quality camera can be difficult and expensive. Even if you manage to get one, operating it can prove to be difficult and you may not be able to get the exact shots you want. Let Aerial New York help. Our drones come equipped with up to 5k camera capabilities and our specialists can operate them with ease. Thereby getting you the exact images you are looking for.

From uncontrollable bomb-dropping balloons to a piece of technology available to the mass market, drones have had a long history. However, the history is not over. Drone technology is still improving and we at Aerial New York can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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